What I got for Christmas this year, nerd version

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What I got for Christmas this year, nerd version! 🙂 I always love seeing what other people got for gifts so I thought I’d share what I got! I like to see what other people got to give me ideas for future gift giving situations. Hopefully this helps to give you some ideas.

What I got for Christmas, nerd version!

Christmas gifts

I am a huge Eleventh Doctor fan so a fantastic friend of mine got me these two Christmas ornaments! It’s Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and his sonic screwdriver. I love how the Doctor is fixing his bow tie!! I also was given this TARDIS lanyard that has the words, “It’s smaller on the outside”. It fills me with joy. 😀

I got these two adult coloring books. One is Disney Villains and the other is Disney Princesses. And the pictures inside are gorgeous! I can’t wait to go buy some colored pencils and get started!

This game is, what I call, a mix between Forbidden Island and 7 Wonders. Both of which are two games that I enjoy a lot. Hence, I really enjoyed this game! My family played it with me the day after Christmas and it was super fun!

Because my birthday is in mid December I have decided to include some of the gifts that I received for my birthday as well. The my birthday and Christmas gifts tend to morph into one. The game on the left was for my birthday and the game on the right was for Christmas. I can’t wait to get a chance to play these games! Reading the premise of this game rather reminds me of a murder mystery dinner game (but much easier to arrange) and I really like those. So I think that these games will be a blast!

Birthday gifts

What I got for Christmas

Weeping Angel earrings. While the Weeping Angels are terrifying these earrings are rather cool!

The insults in this book are quite funny. I don’t think I will ever really have an occasion to use them, but they were funny just the same.

The Hunger Games and Fantastic Beasts adult coloring books. So basically I won’t be needing to buy any coloring books for a very long time! These are both really pretty as well.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I love this book! Not only is the cover absolutely gorgeous but I love being able to be able to read some of the lines that I couldn’t understand while watching the movie. I wasn’t always able to catch all the lines or understand what some of the beasts were called.

Did you get any fun nerd gifts for Christmas?




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