Top 5 Reasons I love Salt Lake Comic Con

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The first time that I went to Salt Lake Comic Con (well technically it was FanX. but you get the idea 🙂 ) my life changed for the better. I bought the ticket not really knowing what I was getting myself into but Karen Gillan and Tom Felton were scheduled to be there so I wasn’t going to be missing it!! So I am going to share my top 5 reasons I love Salt Lake Comic Con.

Top 5 Reasons I love Salt Lake Comic Con

Reason 1:

The celebrities. Where else are you going to get a chance to meet some of the amazing people that you have only admired on the big screen or your television? Even if you don’t get a photo with them you can still attend the celebrities panel and get to hear some amazing stories that way! That’s where I heard Billy Boyd sing a Brittney Spears song, watched John Barrowman frolic across the stage, watch Slyvestor McCoy play the spoons, and listen to Levar Burton sing the theme song from Reading Rainbow.

Reason 2:

The merchandise. I have been able to buy some amazing pieces of artwork at Salt Lake Comic Con. Artwork that makes my nerd heart happy, such as the piece that has the words from Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone in the shape of a Snitch. And adorable drawings of characters from shows and movies that I love. And it is actually cheaper to get it at the convention than to buy the artwork from the artists website. Plus you can get some amazing jewelry that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

Top 5 Reasons I love Salt Lake Comic Con

Reason 3:

The vendors. I love talking to the people that I am buy merchandise from. All the people that I have bought items from have been so kind and lovely! I like that it doesn’t feel like I am just buying something at the grocery store. There is one vendor that recognizes me and my sisters because we buy something from him at every convention. I like that he remembers us even when their are so many people that buy items from him.

Reason 4:

The costumes. Their are people who invest so much time and money into making or procuring a costume. It is so amazing to see! I love to see how creative people are, it inspires me to be more creative myself. I think one of my favorite costumes that I saw was at FanX. Their was a Toothless and a Hiccup, and whoever was in the Toothless costume was amazing! They completely embodied Toothless and was even moving around on their hands a knees! I felt like I was meeting the real Toothless.

Top 5 Reason I love Salt Lake Comic Con Top 5 Reason I love Salt Lake Comic Con

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Reason 5:

This is the biggest reason that I love Salt Lake Comic Con, because I feel at home there. I don’t feel like someone is going to judge me for my deep love of Harry Potter. I’m not going to be made fun of because I am wearing a fez. I can talk to the people standing in line with me for a panel about who is my favorite Doctor Who companion. And I don’t feel judged or like their is something wrong or different about me. I can just be my absolutely nerd-y self and be welcomed as I am.



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  • All the reasons you mentioned are absolutely reasons that SLCC is so amazing, but you hit the nail on the head with #5. The feeling of acceptance there is amazing and it’s about the only place where you can converse with people on the same nerdy level!

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