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DIY-EASIEST Mickey Mouse ornaments!


For the month of December leading up to Christmas, I am going to do a new series! Every week there is going to be a post on DIY ornaments. A lot of these ideas are inspired by either Pinterest or Youtube, with my own Jacie twist of course! 😀 So let’s start things off with something super simple, the EASIEST Mickey Mouse ornaments ever!

DIY-EASIEST Mickey Mouse ornaments

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What I got for Christmas this year, nerd version

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What I got for Christmas this year, nerd version! 🙂 I always love seeing what other people got for gifts so I thought I’d share what I got! I like to see what other people got to give me ideas for future gift giving situations. Hopefully this helps to give you some ideas.

What I got for Christmas, nerd version!

Christmas gifts

I am a huge Eleventh Doctor fan so a fantastic friend of mine got me these two Christmas ornaments! It’s Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and his sonic screwdriver. I love how the Doctor is fixing his bow tie!! I also was given this TARDIS lanyard that has the words, “It’s smaller on the outside”. It fills me with joy. 😀

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