Review-Fan Empire Hogwarts House box. The good, and the not so good.

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For those of you that follow me on Instagram at you’ll have seen that I received the Fan Empire Hogwarts House box. Fan Empire is a subscription box that will send out 4-6 items monthly of fandom merchandise for 14.95 plus shipping and handling. Well here’s my thoughts on the box and my experience. What did I like? What didn’t I like? Is it worth your money? Keep on reading to find out!

Review-Fan Empire Hogwarts House box

Fan Empire Hogwarts House box

I saw an ad online about this company that was offering a Harry Potter Hogwarts House box back in July, and I knew I had to get it! So I signed up for the subscription box. After signing up they sent me a welcome email and in the ad, it said that you got to select your house box. I, of course, picked Slytherin. 🙂

What I liked-

The products that came in this box were awesome!! Some of them I liked more than others but that usually the case in subscription boxes. 🙂 Look at that artwork though!! I also really liked how some things were Slytherin and some House stuff too. I thought they did a great job curating this box!

This is the front and the back of the card.

What I didn’t like-

The time that it took to receive the box. Now I know that they had to make sure that each person got the House that they asked for and that would take a super long time to prepare. But I was expecting to get this box in July, and it ended up coming around the third week of August. And as a result, I think that this threw off all there scheduling because I still haven’t received my August box yet (it’s supposed to be Quidditch themed!!). They did apologize for the delay and sent a tracking number when it did ship so that was nice.

The watch didn’t work. I reached out to them through their email and I STILL haven’t heard back from them.  I ended up replacing the battery and it works now, but I wish I didn’t have to. No one likes paying for broken items.


Is this box worth your money? Do I like it? I think this box is definitely worth the money that I spent for it, and yes, I do like this box. The pros out weigh the cons in my book. I look forward to getting the August box and hope I don’t have to wait for much longer!

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PS-Salt Lake City Comic Con is next week!!



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  • Nice review! It sucks how much time it took to get to you and that one of the items didn’t work. The other stuff looks pretty cool. I’m still on the hunt for a good Harry Potter subscription – a lot of different services don’t get very good reviews. :/

  • Thanx for the review. I am worried these days because I have placed an order for the quidditch box but apart from receiving an email saying my parcel was sent and another email from the shipping compagny would follow (like ten days ago) no more info. I have sent an email and a facebook message but no reply … Their site is now closed. Have you heard from them?

    • I received an email that my Quidditch box was coming, but I still haven’t gotten it weeks later! I haven’t even gotten an email from the shipping company. I would not recommend the Fan Empire. I’m still waiting for my August and September box. At this point in time, I just want a refund of my money but they won’t respond to my emails.

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