Thankful to be a nerd? I certainly am!

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It’s Thanksgiving here in the States so what a perfect time to tell you what I’m thankful for! And I am thankful to be a nerd!

Thankful nerd

I’m thankful to be a nerd because I feel like nerds get better female role models. For example, Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. She showed girls that it’s ok to be smart. How many times did she get Harry and Ron out of a scrape by using her brain? Katniss Everdeen showed girls that it’s alright to fight to protect those that you love. She volunteers as tribute to protect Prim from the Hunger Games. Amy Pond showed us to have faith in other people. She never gave up on the Doctor or Rory.  These are just the female role models, not to mention the amazing male role models. Keep reading

Come see the magic of Disneyland!!


I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland over the summer, and it just so happens that me and my sisters went over the 60th Anniversary Celebration. Which by the way, is the diamond anniversary so everything was decorated all sparkly and gorgeous!! Like seriously though, how in the world do they make it so pretty?!?



Are the roof tiles always sparkling or did they do that for the celebration? Every where I looked their was some type of decoration for the anniversary.

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DIY Slytherin Y necklace

DIYHarry Potter

So lately I’ve noticed a trend of Y necklaces being really popular, and me being the nerd that I am thought to myself, “I wonder if I can make a Slytherin one….” And voila! That’s how I came up with the DIY Slytherin Y necklace. I like it because it’s not overly obvious that it is a Harry Potter necklace, it could be any type of necklace depending on what beads you use. But I know it’s a Slytherin necklace and now so do you. 😀

DIY Slytherin Y necklace

DIY Slytherin Y necklace

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Once in a lifetime experience at Salt Lake Comic Con!!

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One of the major events that went down at this past Salt Lake Comic Con is that Mark Hamill was one of the celebrity guests!!! This was a huge deal because it was the only convention in the continental United States that Mark Hamill was scheduled to come to! And you can BET that I was planning on going to his panel!

SLCC wanted to break the record for the largest audience that Mark had spoken in front of. And because the Ballroom (the largest panel room) in the Salt Palace only seats 5,500 people that wasn’t an option. So his panel was moved to the Vivant Arena, and boy was I glad that it was! Because the general public could go to see Mark Hamill’s panel. The panel wasn’t just open to people with a Comic Con ticket.  I was really impressed by how Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg try really hard to make it so that everyone can experience the awesome nerdy-ness!

Mark Hamill


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Stephen Amell and David Ramsey come to SLC

Comic Con

So for me there were a couple really memorable panels at Comic Con; Stephen Amell and David Ramsey, Mark Hamill, and Billy Boyd’s panel. I want to share my experience attending the Stephen Amell and David Ramsey panel. The other ones will be coming in later blog posts, don’t you worry. 😉

Stephen Amell and David Ramsey

One of the reasons that this panel was so memorable is because of how the celebrities interacted with the fans. I liked how they focused on the person asking the question. Their was one question that was asked of Amell wondering if it would be possible to have hot pink t-shirts for his “F** Cancer” campaign, because hot pink symbolizes all the young women who get breast cancer. He told us that the next time he posts about the t-shirts for the campaign on his Facebook page to comment with “hot pink”, then he said something along the lines of “then even someone like me will remember”. I was really impressed!

Stephen Amell and David Ramsey at SLComic Con

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Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016!!

Comic Con

So I (of course) went to Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016! I went with my two sisters and we had a super amazing time! Was it perfect?…  no. Was it still awesome?…. HECK YES!!!!! Here are some pictures to give you some idea of how much fun we had!

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

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Putting together a costume for Comic Con

Comic Con

I have been called the “MacGyver of Costumes” so I thought I’d give a couple tips on throwing together a costume for Comic Con. I’ve made quite a few costumes and have helped people make them so hopefully this will be helpful. With that being said I am not a professional in anyway, shape, or form. And yes, you can throw together a costume with only a week left until Comic Con. 🙂

 Costume for Comic Con

First of all, try to make a costume for Comic Con with separates that you will actually wear again. I’ve found that this is the most cost effective thing that you can do. Who wants to spend a ton of money on an outfit that you will only wear once? Not me!

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