Nerdy Birthday Haul!

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My birthday was on December 14 and it wasΒ marvelous! I’ve met some people that don’t like having a birthday in December but I think it is FANTASTIC! December is definitely my favorite month. πŸ˜€ So I’m going to share with you all the things that I got on my birthday. I’m not trying to brag but maybe this will give you an idea of what to get your nerdy friends for a gift! So here’s my nerdy birthday haul!

Nerdy Birthday Haul!

JK Rowling Wizarding World box by Loot Crate

I have wanted one of these boxes FOREVER! It’s a bi-monthly subscription box that is $37.99 plus shipping. I’ve never gotten one before because it is kind of expensive. But I splurged for my birthday!! And I love it!! This box was themed the secrets of the wizarding world. I love that the inside of the box is the Mauraders Map! This box included a Whomping Willow tee shirt, Grimmauld Place bag, The Blind Pig coasters, Hufflepuff’s cup pin, Tom Marvelo Riddle magnets, and a box picture frame of Ariana Dumbledore.

Nerdy Birthday Haul!

Mickey Monthly one time Classic box

This box is $19.00 plus shipping (beware-shipping is expensive!) from Mickey Monthly. I bought this myself for my birthday. πŸ˜€ It included an infusing water/juice pitcher, a Mickey and Minnie hat, and an Under the Sea candle.

Nerdy Birthday Haul

Harry Potter goodies

The rest of these are things that I received from my AMAZING friends!

Lightning bolt earrings- These match my lightning bolt necklace. πŸ™‚

Nerdy Birthday Haul!

Teacups- I LOVE the design on them and that there is a witch doing magic on the inside of the cup!

Hogwarts fleece blanket- This is one of those blankets that you cut the edges and tie them together, I can’t wait to make this!

nerdy birthday haul

Slytherin socks-These are so warm and the inside is SO soft!!

I had such a good birthday!! Hooray for year 29!

Come to the Nerd Side,


PS-What was your favorite thing from my nerdy birthday haul?



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