Once in a lifetime experience at Salt Lake Comic Con!!

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One of the major events that went down at this past Salt Lake Comic Con is that Mark Hamill was one of the celebrity guests!!! This was a huge deal because it was the only convention in the continental United States that Mark Hamill was scheduled to come to! And you can BET that I was planning on going to his panel!

SLCC wanted to break the record for the largest audience that Mark had spoken in front of. And because the Ballroom (the largest panel room) in the Salt Palace only seats 5,500 people that wasn’t an option. So his panel was moved to the Vivant Arena, and boy was I glad that it was! Because the general public could go to see Mark Hamill’s panel. The panel wasn’t just open to people with a Comic Con ticket.  I was really impressed by how Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg try really hard to make it so that everyone can experience the awesome nerdy-ness!

Mark Hamill


Because I am a huge Star Wars fan to actually get a chance to see Luke Skywalker in person was amazing! I have three older brothers and grew up watching Star Wars. My brothers had those plastic light-up light sabers that I was always so jealous because I didn’t get to play with them! When Mark Hamill first walked in I started tearing up, because I am a nerd! And I am proud of it!

During the panel Mark Hamill took questions and told stories. I liked the story of what his reaction was when he found out Princess Leia is Luke Skywalker’s sister. He said something along the lines that it was traumatic. That it was like being around the one available girl in the whole world and finding out she is your sister. 😀 I died laughing!!


(The above photo is from http://weknowmemes.com/2013/10/the-exact-moment-luke-and-leia-found-out-they-were-twins/)

Mark told the story of when he was approached with being in the recent movies. It was at a dinner with George Lucas and Carrie Fisher. Mark Hamill told the story about how Carrie Fisher jumped at the chance to be in the movies. Mark Hamill agreed to do the film if everyone agreed to do the film. He was banking on Harrison Ford declining the role. It was only after Mark said this that he was told that Harrison Ford had already agreed! 🙂 Mark said it was a little like being drafted.

In conclusion, I am so glad that I was able to attend this panel, it truly was an experience I will always remember!!




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