How to host an awesome Harry Potter party!

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With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiering right around the corner (or already available for some of you lucky people) I thought I would share how to host an awesome Harry Potter party! I did this for Harry Potter’s birthday one year and it was a blast! So hopefully you can learn from this and host your own awesome Harry Potter party!

How to host an awesome Harry Potter party!!


Decorations are key for hosting a Harry Potter party, because this helps to set the mood of the event! Plus, it just makes the whole affair so much more fun. I tried to have something Harry Potter themed in every room of my house, even including the bathrooms!

How to host an awesome Harry Potter party


Platform 9 3/4 entry way- I took a red flat sheet and drew bricks on the sheet with a magic marker, then I put a slit down the middle for people to walk through. I also found the insignia for “9 3/4” online, printed it, cut it out and pinned it to the sheet.


How to host and awesome Harry Potter party


Book quotes- I went online and downloaded some Harry Potter fonts and printed out some quotes from the book. I chose the Gringott’s warning, the Sorting Hat’s song from the Sorceror’s Stone, and the Hogwarts school song. Then I glued the quotes onto different colored construction paper in one of the House colors. And if you really want to make them look cool singe the edges of the printed paper before gluing them to the construction paper.Β These signs I randomly placed through out my house.

Bathroom decorations


How to host an awesome Harry Potter party



Bathroom decorations- I was surprised how many ideas there were online about decorating the bathroom for a Harry Potter party! But it makes sense because The Chamber of Secrets has a lot of scenes in the girl’s bathroom. First of all I took window chalk and wrote on my mirrors “Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware”. I also dribbled some water on it to give it the runny look that you see in the movies. Seems like it doesn’t show up very well in the pictures though. But it looked cool in person! Then I printed aΒ Moaning MyrtleΒ image from online, cut her out, and taped it to the toilet. Finally, I printed out the image “This way to the Ministry of Magic” sign, put it in a picture frame, and placed it on top of the toilet in my other bathroom.




How to host an awesome Harry Potter party

Living room decorations-I like decorating with streamer, so I put up streamers in the Hogwarts house colors! The party seemed like a great chance to show off all of my Harry Potter paraphernalia! And what better way to show it off then to incorporate it into the decorations? I used a mug that I received as a Christmas gift (the white one), the Slytherin locket from Barnes and Noble, some Harry Potter art that was made for me, my Harry Potter books, a Harry Potter mug that I made (the blue one), two wands (the brown one is my sisters), a Timeturner that my sister got for me in Orlando, Florida and some Harry Potter glasses on top of the books. I’ve got even more Harry Potter stuff now. I really like Harry Potter!!!


How to host and awesome Harry Potter party


Flying keys- I put glitter on the heads of a bunch of old keys using Elmer’s glue and clear nail polish to seal the glitter on to the key. Now glitter isn’t necessarily Harry Potter but I like sparkly things. πŸ™‚ Β Then I glued some construction paper wings onto the key. And I used clear fishing line to hang the keys from the chandelier in my kitchen.

How to host an awesome Harry Potter party

Table settings-Candles are must in any Harry Potter themed party! Fifty points to your house if you can get them to float! I made my own “potion ingredients” to set in the middle of the table. Just grab a bunch of mason jars, put stuff in them, slap a label on them, and you’re good to go! I used rubber cement to glue the singed label to the mason jar. Consequently using this method made it super easy to remove the label. Long grass and water became Gillyweed, sand became Powdered Root of Asphodel, and random twigs became Monkshood. And as a result, you have an awesome looking table setting!

Food and drink-

Food is also an integral part of planning a Harry Potter party. Because nothing says Harry Potter like a chocolate frog or Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans!








How to plan an awesome Harry Potter party

Food and drinks-The important thing with food and drinks is to create a label. Because that way you can use simple food items in place of magical ones! Here is list of the food; licorice for licorice wands, Double Bubble Bubblegum for Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, Lemonheads for Dumbledore’s lemon drops, chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles for cauldron cakes, Starlight mints for peppermint humbugs, water for the Elixir of Life, black rice Krispie balls for Hagrid’s rock cakes, chocolate frogs that I made from a mold, and I found a recipe for Butterbeer online.

You can round the night out with one of the Harry Potter movies or we ended up playing Harry Potter Scene-it! I hope that some of these ideas help you to plan an awesome Harry Potter party!!



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