Harry Potter Top Trumps card game. Pros and Cons.

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Top Trumps is a game that my sisters and I discovered on a trip to California. We found it in a nerd shop called Whimsic Alley. Seriously, this shop was like a little piece of nerd heaven. My sister got the Doctor Who Top Trumps game (which is awesome and super fun!) at the shop. When I got home I went on to Amazon and found the Harry Potter Top Trumps game!! Keep on reading if you want to find out my thoughts on the game. To find out what I liked about it, and what wasn’t so great.

Harry Potter Top Trumps

Harry Potter Top Trumps

Harry Potter Top Trumps is a card game that has a picture of a character from the Harry Potter world and has a score for five categories. They are magic, cunning, courage, wisdom, and temper. So for example the Hungarian Horntail would have a higher temper score than Arthur Weasley.

Harry Potter Top TrumpsHarry Potter Top Trumps

How to Play

Shuffle all the cards. Deal out the cards to each player. Keep all of the cards face down. Look at your top car. The person to the left of the dealer starts by picking a category. Every player reads out their score in that category. Whichever player has the highest score in that category wins and collects all the cards, placing them on the bottom of their pile. The game is over when one player gets all the cards.

If two or more cards share the same score then all the cards are placed in the middle and the player will choose a category for the next card. The winner of that hand gets those cards as well as all the cards in the middle.


Simple-This game is really easy to understand and play. If you are looking for a game that kids (that can read) can play with you, this is a good one.

Fast- Top Trumps is a really fast game and can be played when you are short on time. If you are looking for a lengthy, strategic game this is not the game for you.

Number of players-There is no set number or players, so you can play with as many or as few people as you want. There aren’t a ton of games that you can play with only two people. I like that you can with this one.

Packaging-I like that this game convenient plastic carrying case. I don’t have to worry about it ripping like I do with regular card decks.

Graphics-The pictures on the cards are really cool and it’s fun to see what they picked for each character’s picture.


Repetitive-Harry Potter Top Trumps can get really repetitive really fast. Because the can is so quick you can play a lot of games in a short about of time. And you can only say numbers so many times before it gets old. 🙂

No strategy- This game has little to no strategy, you just have to hope that you pick the right category to win the hand. I usually like my games to have a bit more strategy behind them.

Final thoughts-

I really like this game! It is one that I will keep playing in the future. I really like the simplicity of it, it’s great when you just want to play a game when your brain is exhausted and you just want to have a good time. I would definitely recommend this game. 😀

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  • I had Marvel Heroes, Marvel Villains and Helicopters Top Trumps when I was a kid, aand had the opportunity to play a fantasy one and a Hammer Horror one too. They get quite repetitive, but it was always the love of the genre or franchise that kept you interested. I even came across a game called Modern Horrors earlier this year based on Top Trumps using satirical stereotypes which was quite fun

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