How the Harry Potter series changed my life

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I started reading the Harry Potter series when I was about ten. This series has forever changed my life. I started reading these books because my older brother was reading them aloud with me. We would take turns going back and forth. We only did this for the first little bit of the book. But I was hooked, I wanted to see how the story would turn out. Little did I know that I was in for a long journey ahead. Seven books and eight movies of a journey ahead, to be precise.

How the Harry Potter series changed my life

Beginning the journey

I have always loved reading, but Harry Potter is the first real chapter book that I can recall reading. And I loved every minute of it! Harry Potter got me started on discovering the many worlds that lie within books. I fell in love with the idea of a world where magic exists. In addition, I also ended up falling in love with the characters that JK Rowling brought to life. I cheered when they triumphed and I has saddened by their losses.

Viewing the world

Then the world from the Harry Potter series was brought to life on the screen. Did the director manage to do everything to my liking? No. Did I still thoroughly enjoy it anyways? Of course! It was amazing to see the parts of the book that only lived in my imagination be brought to life in the movies. My main complaint about the movies is something that was not in anyone’s control. I really loved Richard Harris as Dumbledore. Michael Gambon did grow on me as the movies went on though.

The journey continues

The journey that I began when I was ten years old continue on seventeen years later. Now we get to journey with Newt Scamander in the world of Harry Potter!Β Not only do I get to watch Newt, but each time I open a Harry Potter book or watch a movie I get transported back to this incredible journey that I started as a ten year old girl that changed my life.

What about you? What effect did Harry Potter have on your life?


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  • To be honest, Harry Potter and its subsequent books/movies didn’t have a major effect on my life. This may be due to the fact that for most people it established a love for reading – which I had already. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the books/movies – because I definitely did; J.K. Rowling did a wonderful job of creating a world that we’re still discovering to this day, and a part of me cannot help but feel as if Harry Potter is going to be to our children and grandchildren what Star Wars was to some of us – we didn’t/don’t quite understand our parents love for it, but we soon discover a part of it that speaks to us. Then again…I could just be rambling as I’m prone to do.

    • I totally agree that Harry Potter could become, for future generations, what Star Wars is to us. I personally love both of them so I am completely ok with that!

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