Review: Gringotts coins. Are they worth it?

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It’s time for another review! And today I will be reviewing the Gringotts coins from the Noble Collection. Do I think they are worth it? Should you get them for yourself? YES, YES, and YES!! This is my favorite thing that I own in my Harry Potter collection! 

Review: Gringotts coins

Review: Gringotts coins

I had previously bought some Gringotts coins at FanX in my FanX Haul, and I thought those were my favorite things in my Harry Potter collection. But boy was I wrong!! I was able to get my hands on the Gringotts coins from the Noble Collection through Amazon and they are SOOOO much better than the ones that I bought at FanX.


Packaging-The coins come in a lovely box that easily opens and closes. And the coins are removable from the box, they aren’t stuck in there.

Review: Gringotts coins

Materials-The coins are plated in either 24 K gold (Galleon), silver (Sickle), or copper (Knut).

Review: Gringotts coins

Detailed-The details on the coins are so crisp and defined.

Review: Gringotts goins

Size-Less bulky, more compact. The previous set of Gringotts coins that I bought are rather large. I like that these ones are smaller and more like coins that would you would actually carry around at Hogwarts.

Review: Gringotts coins

Weight-The Noble Collection coins are actually quite heavy. Because they are taller can a regular sized coin. I like that these coins have more weight to them because it means that they are sturdy coins.

Review: Gringotts coins

Official seal-The sticker authenticates that these are official replicas from the Warner Bros Pictures Harry Potter film series.


As far as I can tell their aren’t any cons with this product. I love everything about these coins!

Review: Gringotts coins

What do you think? Are you going to add these beautiful coins to your Harry Potter collection?

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