Want to have an epic game night? Here are my top 6 games I LOVE to play!!


I love to play games!! Here is a list of my top my favorite games to play. If you’re looking for some new games I would definitely recommend these!

Top 6 games I love to play

Games I love to play

1-Incan Gold

Incan Gold is a quick, and easy game. The players of the game explore an old Incan temple in search of treasure. Each round you get to decide if you are going to continue on in search of more treasure. Or if you are going to leave with your loot. If you continue on and two of the same danger cards are revealed then all the treasure is buried. And you are left with nothing. Who ever has the most treasure after five rounds wins. This game is for 3-8 players, and is $16.89 on Miniature Market.


The object of this game is to get the most money from planting the beans in your field in the order they appear in your hand.ย Becauseย the beans in your hand aren’t always the ones that you want to plant, trading with other players will frequently occur. This game is for 3-5 players, and it is $13.19 on Miniature Market.


Coup is a game where you try to eliminate the other players by assassination or through a coup. Each player will have two character cards, and each character card has an action associated with them. Their are three of each character in the deck, for a total of 15 character cards. On your turn you get to do one action. The fun part of the game is that you can bluff to try and win. So even if you don’t have a character card you can make the other players think that you have it. This game is for 2-6 players, and is $8.11 at Walmart.

4-Deer in the Headlights

The object of this game is to discard your entire hand. And the way that you get to discard your hand is by what you roll on three dice. Each combination means you get to discard something. For example, running deer, a deer in headlights, and a six means you get to discard all even cards. The winner is the person with the least amount of points at the end of the game. This is a game for 2+ players and it is $9.93 at Walmart.


Dominion is a deck building game, where each player starts with the same deck of cards. You canย “buy” cards when you can afford them and build up your deck. The way that this game is won is by getting the most victory points. Fun little tidbit, the game Dominion can be seen on the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Bernadette and Howard’s house. This game is for 2-4 players and it is $26.69 on Miniature Market.

6-7 Wonders

This is my favorite game to play! I couldn’t really think of a good way to describe this game. I found this description on www.boardgamegeek.com ‘7 Wonders lasts three ages. In each age, players receive seven cards from a particular deck, choose one of those cards, then pass the remainder to an adjacent player. Players reveal their cards simultaneously, paying resources if needed or collecting resources or interacting with other players in various ways. (Players have individual boards with special powers on which to organize their cards, and the boards are double-sided). Each player then chooses another card from the deck they were passed, and the process repeats until players have six cards in play from that age. After three ages, the game ends.’ This game is for 2-7 players and it is $31.00 at Walmart.

I tried to find the cheapest price for the games available. What do you think? Are their games that you would recommend? What are some of your favorite games to play? I love playing games, so I am always up for recommendations!


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