Four EASY tips on how to enjoy FanX!

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I had a previous post about tips to enjoy Comic Con. Well here are four simple tips for how to enjoy FanX. I think I might start doing this for every convention, because they are constantly changing and evolving. What do you guys think?

Four EASY tips on how to enjoy FanX!

Four EASY tips to enjoy Fanx!


Cash is the easiest way to pay for things at Comic Con/FanX. Plus, this will help you to stick to a budget because when you run out that means you are done. I bring a little bit in with me each day. I, personally, don’t feel comfortable walking around with a ton of cash on me. What if I loose it?? And knowing me, that is a definite possibility.

Four EASY tips to enjoy FanX!

2-Hand sanitizer

Their will be a TON of people down in the Salt Palace this weekend. And where there is Β a bunch of people you will get a bunch of germs. I seemed like I used to ALWAYS end up getting sick after a convention. But using hand sanitizer, especially before eating, will help to lessen your chances of getting sick.

Four EASY tips to enjoy FanX!

3-Compare prices

Nothing is worse then buying a super cool product at Comic Con/FanX and going a couple booths down and finding the same product at a cheaper price! I bought a photo protector for $10.00 then later found someone who were selling them for $1.00! So shop around, see what other vendors are selling their products at then make a decision. I found a place where I can get amazing jewelry for $6.00!!!

4-Portable battery charger

Don’t you just hate when you go to take that amazing picture on your phone and see that your phone is dead?! That’s why I bring a portable batter charger and a phone cord in my bag with me. That way if I notice that my phone is dying I can plug it in and not worry about it. I got mine at Walmart for 5.99.

Four EASY tips to enjoy FanX!

Are you looking forward to FanX tomorrow as much as I am?! Tickets are still available! What are some tips that you have found that work for you? I’d love to know!


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