Four times I lost my cool and fangirled! The last one was embarrassing…

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I have had an occasion to meet a couple of celebrities, thank you Salt Lake Comic Con! AndΒ I have have definitely fangirled when meeting some of them. Usually I’m pretty good at keeping it together when I actually meet the celebrity, USUALLY being the key word. It’s when I am walking away that I geek out. Check out these four times I totally fangirled.

Four times I totally fangirled

Tom Felton

Tom Felton was the second celebrity that I had met, the first being Karen Gillian. Β I was standing in his autograph line for a about four hours and as we were snaking our way to the autograph table I started freaking out. Usually, I can contain myself when I am actually meeting a celebrity. However, I geek out when I am about to meet them or after I have just met them. I was dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange in her prison costume, which he commented on. πŸ™‚ As I was walking away I got really excited and almost started hyperventilating. My sister, who was in the the autograph line with me, told me if I passed out she was going to leave me there. πŸ™‚

Matt Smith

I already wrote a post about my experience geek-ing out over meeting Matt Smith. I was really proud of that I didn’t pass out after he hugged me!

Nick Carter

My older sister and I were walking down Celebrity Row during the beginning of one of the days at SL Comic Con and Nick Carter was sitting at his autograph table, with no line. Their was a sign saying that you could get a selfie with him for $20.00. My sister and I decided to split the cost and get a selfie with him. He was so sweet and actually took a couple of pictures with us!! He was so incredibly nice! All for the rest of the morning my sister and I kept freaking out that we met Nick Carter!

Alan Tudyk

This next celebrity I didn’t actually meet, but it was probably my worst fangirl moment ever! At SL Comic Con their was a panel with Felicia Day, Sean Astin, and Alan Tudyk was supposed to Skype in so they could all talk about their show Con Man. Well, the moderator comes out on stage and said he is going to call Alan Tudyk to start the Skype call. Over the microphone system we here Alan Tudyk say, “I can’t get this *** thing to work!” Then Alan comes walking out on stage!! I was sitting about three rows from the front for this panel. I fangirled so hard that Sean Astin pointed me out to Felicia Day and they started laughing. It was that bad of fangirling… πŸ˜€

Times I fangirled


This is by no means the only times I have fangirled over a celebrity, but these are the instances that stand out. Who would you geek outΒ over?


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