Favorite things I’ve bought at conventions! And for relatively cheap too!!

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Guys, their is only a little over eight weeks left until FanX 2017 at Salt Lake City! Here is a list of some of my favorite things that I’ve bought at cons in Salt Lake. I thought this would give you an idea of what to look forward to!

Favorite things I’ve bought at cons

Favorite things I've bought at a con

Doctor Who word art

I love that I can find some of my favorite Doctor Who quotes in this picture! The top of the TARDIS says “Bow ties are cool.” I bought this at the first con that I went to, which was FanX 2015. This cost picture cost me $20.00. I also have a Doctor Who Rose and 10, a golden snitch picture, and a Hunger Games symbol picture that I got at a different time. The seller was offering a “buy two, get one free” deal. I made sure to take advantage of that!

Favorite things I've bought at a con

Harry Potter artwork

This adorable pieces of art are from one of my favorite vendors at any convention I have been to. They always have amazing stuff and the couple that run the booth are so kind! They always make time to talk to me and my sisters. Because this vendor has a “buy 5 for $25” deal I have a lot of his stuff! I’ve got Katniss, Beauty and the Beast, Captain America and Iron man, Amy and 11, and Baby Groot just to name a few. His stuff is just too adorable to resist! It you don’t want to get 5, the normal price is $7.00.

Favorite things I've bought at a con

TARDIS necklace

This necklace is from my other favorite vendor, I love their jewelry! Not only do they have great items for every fandom, but they are only $6.00!! I have a Time Turner necklace, a 221B key necklace, and a couple other Harry Potter necklaces from them. I usually buy at least one necklace at each con I go to.

Favorite things I've bought at a con

Doctor Who water bottle

I am a huge Matt Smith fan so I adore this water bottle! I forgot my water bottle that day, so this one came in super handy! And I’ve never had this water bottle leak! I think this water bottle was $17.00.

Favorite things I've bought at a con

Program artwork

Technically, I didn’t buy this at a convention. The volunteers hand out programs so that you will know what is happening at what time. So I took my wristband from attending and taped it onto one side of the picture, put it in a frame, and voila! I comic con souvenir completely free of charge! I’ve done this with every program from every con I’ve been too.

What about you? What are some of your favorite things that you’ve bought at a con?


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