My favorite Disney villain! Which is your favorite??


We all love a good Disney hero/heroine, but what about the Disney villains?? I can’t be the ONLY person who has a favorite Disney villain?! Β Are we giving the villains the love that they deserve? And let’s be honest for a moment, the villains get the some of best songs!! Case and point; Scar sings ‘Be Prepared’, Prince Hans sings ‘Love is an Open Door’, and Mother Gothel sings ‘Mother Knows Best’. All great songs!


My favorite Disney villain!

My Favorite Disney villain

I LOVE Hades form Disney’s Hercules!! I think he is such a fantastic villain, he’s everything that I think I Disney villain should be.


Hades is SO sassy! Through out all whole movie Hades is throwing out witty comments. Serious props to the script writers! They did a phenomenal job with the script!

‘Mr. High and Mighty. Mr. Hey you get off of my cloud!’

I have always had an affinity for characters with sass, I equate it with the character having a strong personality and that is something I definitely can relate to! πŸ˜‰

Back story

He’s got a believeable back story. Hades is mad at his brother Zeus for giving him the job to oversee the underworld. If it were me and I had to spend most of my time in a place that was,

‘You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people’

I don’t think I’d be too happy about that arrangement either! So Hades decides to do something about it. He plans to over throw his brother Zeus and take his job.


Hades is smart, he does his research. In his plans to overthrow Zeus he brings in the fates to find out what his chances are of actually succeeding now that Hercules has entered the picture.

‘So let me just ask: is this kid gonna mess up my hostile takeover bid, or what? What do you think?’


What do you think? Who is your favorite Disney villain? Do you like Hades too?

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