FanX 2017 Haul

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I was lucky enough to be able to attend FanX 2017 this past weekend, March 17 and 18. It was a blast! I always have such an amazing time when I get to go! And this post is all about the fun things that I either bought, was given, or won! I think you will be surprised at one of the things I got, I know I was when they gave it to me..

FanX 2017 Haul

FanX 2017 Haul


FanX 2017 Haul

My sisters and I were able to get a picture with Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter. The photo op was $60.00. Tip, get a couple people in your photo and split the cost! It’s a lot more manageable that way.

Bonnie Wright signed my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Her autograph was $50.00.

I love John Rhys-Davies’s face in this picture! He is such a funny and nice guy! This photo op was $50.00.

I got an autograph from Brian Krause from Charmed. This was actually for my autograph voucher that came with my gold ticket. So I’m not entirely sure how much it would have cost otherwise.

Harry Potter

McGonagall’s wand. They had a bunch of wands but this is the one that I liked best. This is from one of my favorite shops called a Charmed Life. They are super nice and everything is reasonably priced. It was $12.00.

Time turner necklace to replace the one that I lost. This was $6.00 also from a Charmed Life.

Look! Hogwarts coins! Plus, they have hole drilled so I can put a jump ring in them and put the coins on a necklace if I so choose. I love these coins so much!! This was $6.00 from a Charmed Life.

Slytherin necklace. It worked out really well because I wasn’t wearing any green on St. Patrick’s Day until I bought this! This was also $6.00 from a Charmed life. Can you tell I really like this vendor?!


I got this in a panel that I attended about the DC Superhero Girls. It’s a comic book about when the girls were in high school. It also is a cartoon as well.

I got these three pins at the DC Superhero Girls panel as well. Who else is super excited for the Wonder Woman movie?!


This was from the private screening of Beauty and the Beast that FanX had on Thursday night. Tickets cost $25.00 which included the price of the ticket, the poster, and the lanyard.

This was a free poster that was from last year’s FanX. They were giving it out at the information desk in the main hallway.


All of these pictures come from Ben Byrd. He is so nice and is so much fun to talk to! I was able to get these six pictures for $20.00! Normally, it is 5 pictures for $20.00 but because I am a repeat customer he let me choose an extra one for free. He’s fantastic!

I have previously written a post about turning the program and my wristband into art.

This was given to me by my sister in law, she got it in a prize bag at the special screening of Beauty and the Beast that FanX did on Thursday night. I ended up giving it to my roommate because she couldn’t come and she is a bigger X-Men fan than me.


This was a pen that I got at a spinning prize wheel thing at the Creator’s Cove booth.

This was also given to me by my sister in law from her prize bag. I actually don’t have a car right now, so I was thinking of mounting it on a cork board. That way I could put fun FanX pictures on it. What do you think??

This is probably the most random thing that I got at FanX 2017. It’s a pic cutter/bottle opener. I got it from the Good 4 Utah booth. I won it at another spinning wheel prize thing, and this is what it landed on. Random…



These are all the things that I got at FanX 2017. If you had a chance to go what are some fun things that you got? Were you able to find anything that you especially loved? Post a comment below, because I would love to know!





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Four EASY tips on how to enjoy FanX!
Highlights of FanX 2017. What were your favorite moments??
  • Wasn’t it fun? I spent more than I intended. I got some cool artwork (Zelda, Deadpool, The IT Crowd) and some chocolates because the Truffle Cottage is awesome. I meant to get some My First Fandom board books for kids, but he sold out of the ones I wanted.

    Umm….what else. Oh! A LEGO minifig version of Sean and Gus with the Blueberry car (Psych). a Zelda house key blank for my mom. Traded photo ops with my geek blog twin and got ones with Zachary Levi and Weird Al. Had Weird Al autograph a piece of artwork I brought from home.

    I need to so save up for September. Especially if Chris Pratt does come. *Swoon*. Ahem 🙂

    • It sounds like you had a blast! Sorry about the My First Fandom books being gone. 🙁 I usually just pay with cash, that way I don’t over spend because otherwise I’d try to buy everything! Were you able to go to the Psych panel? If so did you see the Waldo who asked the question? Cough, cough, me! And I’m with you on the starting to save up now idea.. I do love me some Chris Pratt!

  • I just simply love meeting the celebs. I tend to go for the lesser known people because then you get to spend a lot more time with them! I got lucky with Jennifer Hale! I hope she comes back to Hawaii before I leave for good. Cary Elwes is coming to Hawaii and while I really want to see him I’m sure I’ll just sit in his panel because I go with my family and not friends and I can’t subject my children to standing in the line of a long time…

    • I loved going to Cary Elwes panel, it was one of my favorites! He kept having the kids who would ask questions come up on the stage so he could give them hugs. 😀

    • Cary Elwes is one you do want to try for, though. He makes an effort to really talk to everyone. For his booth, he creates a bit of a partition so it’s more of a private experience. Even in the photo op we did with him, where they really try to shovel you in, he took a moment to ask our names, said my baby was cute, and then said God Bless after we were done.

  • WOW, you got some amazing loot! I saw Ginny at a Harry Potter event last year, and she was so nice. Love the Beauty and the Beast poster, and all the Harry Potter collectibles you got. I hadn’t heard of FanX before. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it next time. It sounds like an amazing time!

    • Thanks! Bonnie Wright was so sweet and nice! Salt Lake Comic Con does usually does two conventions a year. The one in the spring is FanX and the one in the fall is Comic Con. Both are a blast!

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