DIY Slytherin Y necklace

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So lately I’ve noticed a trend of Y necklaces being really popular, and me being the nerd that I am thought to myself, “I wonder if I can make a Slytherin one….” And voila! That’s how I came up with the DIY Slytherin Y necklace. I like it because it’s not overly obvious that it is a Harry Potter necklace, it could be any type of necklace depending on what beads you use. But I know it’s a Slytherin necklace and now so do you. 😀

DIY Slytherin Y necklace

DIY Slytherin Y necklace

First you need to gather the supplies that you are going to use.

Supplies used


You’ll need:

Grey beads-Walmart 0.98, the ones I ended up using are from Joann‘s 1.00

Green beads- Walmart 0.98, one ones I ended up using are from Joann’s 1.00

Jump rings- Walmart I think it was about 1.98

Chain- Walmart I think it was about 3.98. I got it a long time ago so I’m not 100 % sure.

Head pins- I got these in bulk on Amazon. But you can get then at any craft store.

Clasp- Also available in any craft store. I’m don’t remember where I got this one.

Needle nose and round nose pliers- available at any craft store.

Let’s get started

First– Cut the chain to the desired length. This is the part going around your neck.

Cut the chain

I cut mine a little more than 22 inches.

Second- Take the two ends and attach them together with a jump ring.

Attach with a jump ring

Third- Find the middle of the circle and cut it with a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Cut apart


Fourth-Attach a clasp with a jump ring to one end and a jump ring to the other end. This will serve as the enclosure of the necklace.


Jump Ring


Fifth- Cut two different lengths of chain.

Cut to different lengths

Sixth- Slide the bead onto the head pin.

Bead on head pin

Seventh- Cut the head pin so that you can make a loop.

Cut the head pin

Eighth- Make a loop using round nose pliers.

Make a loop

Ninth- Open the loop and attach it to one of the lengths of chain. Do the same thing for the green bead as well on a different chain.

Slytherin Y necklace

Tenth- Open the jump ring in the middle of the necklace and attach the two different lengths of chain. Then close the jump ring so that nothing will fall off.

Slytherin Y necklace

Eleventh- Enjoy your pretty new necklace!!

Slytherin Y necklace

I went to Joann’s the following day and found some beads that I liked even better!

Slytherin Y necklace

So I swapped them out and this is the finished project!

Slytherin Y necklace

I even found some pretty blue beads so I made a Ravenclaw one!



What do you guys think? Should I put the beads on one chain or leave it on two? Eventually I want to have my own online jewelry store and I was thinking of putting these in it. Thoughts? If you have any questions about how to make them let me know!



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