DIY-Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears


Have you seen those super cute Mickey Mouse ears that you can buy at Disneyland/. More importantly have you seen the price tag of those ears? What if I were to tell you that you could make your own for a fraction of the cost?? Would you be interested? Because I certainly was!!

DIY-Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears

When my sisters and I were planning our sister trip we planned a stop in Downtown Disney to do a little shopping. That’s when I got the idea to surprise my sisters with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. I knew I didn’t have the money to buy them at Disney (those things are EXPENSIVE!) but I’ve seen a couple DIY ones floating around online and thought I’d give it a try. I watched a lot of Youtube videos to try and find a pair that I liked best. This one is by far my favorite!


Here is the template that she uses to create the ears.


Headbands- Walmart 4.26 each pack

Craft foam-Walmart 6.26 for a pack of 12 sheets (I used two sheets)



Hot glue gun and sticks

Velvet ribbon-Joanns about 2-3 bucks a yard (I can’t quite remember exactly, sorry!)

Fabric-Walmart 8.61 for a yard and a half (I only used half a yard)

Not pictured: Red and yellow ribbon-Walmart 1.96 each spoon

Keep in mind I was planning on making four sets of ears, so I went a little over board on supplies. πŸ™‚

Step One

Fold the fabric in half so that the “right” sides of the fabric are facing each other. Once the templates are cut out trace the largest onto the fabric for as many ears as you need. Trace the middle sized template inside of the first template.

Step Two

Cut along the outside line in a circle. (I had to redo some of mine because I didn’t leave enough space.)

Step Three

Trace the smallest template onto the foam. Three times for each ear, so I ended up with 24 foam pieces. Then hot glue the three pieces on top of each other

Step Four

Cut a strip of fabric to cover the headband and hot glue it to the headband, both on top and on the inside of the headband.

Step Five

Sew along the smaller template line. So in this picture it was only the purple line. Do NOT sew over the blue line. πŸ™‚ Turn the ears right side out.

Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears

Step Six

Stuff the (now glued) foam piece into the ear. I had to cut mine a tiny bit so that they would fit inside.

Step Seven

Cut a piece of batting foam, twist it, and put it inside the ear. I did this on the front and the back of the foam.

Step Eight

This one is probably the trickiest step, hot gluing the ear closed. First, place a line of hot glue on the foam, then fold one of the fabric pieces over the hot glue. Then fold the other side to create a nice edge and hot glue that side in place. Careful not to burn yourself.

Step Nine (Optional)

Mark where you want your ears to be on the headband. I used chalk for this.

Step Ten

Hot glue the ears onto your headband. Make sure to use a generous amount of glue so that they stay on! If you want just Mickey Mouse ears stop after this step. If you want Minnie Mouse ears keep on reading.

Step Eleven

This is where I made mine different from the Youtube video. She made hers a double bow. I prefer the look of a single bow. You can check out this post where I explained how I make bows.

Step Twelve

Hot glue the bow in the middle of your headband.

Step Thirteen (not pictured)

Take your velvet ribbon and hot glue it along the inside of your headband. I always have a hard time keeping headband ON my head, they always slip off. This makes it so that they don’t slip off. πŸ˜€



Well, what do you think? I think they turned out pretty good for my first time making them. Plus, they were really fun to make! And I loved wearing them at Downtown Disney! My sisters really like them too!

Come to the Nerd Side,


PS-If you do make your own Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears I’d love to see them! Post a picture in the comments below.


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