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Hello friends! I realized that there has been a sad lack of DIY’s on this blog, and of course I had to remedy that! I think I’m going to aim for doing at least one DIY a month, because I LOVE doing them! So here is my DIY Hogwarts necklace! Check it out and let me know what you think, because I love it!!

DIY Hogwarts Necklace

Supplies needed:


Silver chain

Jump Rings


Dimensional Mod Podge

E6000 Glue

Head pins

Round nosed pliers

Straight nosed pliers

Colored Beads-Blue, Purple, Red, Gold, Green

These supplies should be available in any craft store.

(Not pictured) Harry Potter book page

Making the necklace

First- Place a piece of paper over the pendant and draw over the ridges with a pencil. And cut out the square, this is going to be your stencil to put on the pendant.

DIY Hogwarts necklace

Second-Make sure that it fits inside the center square. As you can see, mine was a little too big. So I had to trim down the edges to make it fit.

Third-Trace the square on the Harry Potter book page. I made sure that the word ‘Hogwarts’ was prominent on the piece I was cutting out. This page is from a Harry Potter book that was falling apart and pretty much destroyed. I don’t recommend cutting up a good Harry Potter book. πŸ™‚


Fourth-Cut out the square and make sure it fits on your pendant.

Fifth-Use some type of glue to adhere the book image to the pendant, I used E6000 glue.


Make sure that you cover all the places that you want the page to stick with glue. In the first image I did a blob of glue in the center of the pendant, and the page did stick when I used the Dimensional Mod Podge later. If you’ll notice later I end up using a different book page image because the first one didn’t adhere to the pendant.

Sixth-Once the glue is dry, put Dimensional Mod Podge on the book page. Here is a Youtube video on how to use Dimensional Modge Podge. I really like it because it gives it an enamel like finish. But be careful of getting an air bubbles because that will make the words hard to read. You can use a pin to try to pop any air bubbles, but it can be kind of tricky.

(Don’t worry, the fogginess will clear up once it dries.)

Seventh-Cut the chain of the necklace to your desired length. I first started with 25.5 cm but ended up shortening it to about 20 cmΒ by the time I was done.

DIY Hogwarts necklace

Eighth- Place the beads on the head pins in the order you want them to be on your necklace. I thought that the beads could be the house point. So of course, Slytherin is winning. πŸ˜‰


Ninth-Create a look on the end of the head pin. Here is a Youtube video if you are unfamiliar with how to do that.

Tenth-Attach the headpins to the necklaceΒ by opening the loop slightly and closing the loop on the circle at the bottom of the pendant.


What do you think? Because I LOVE how it turned out!! I’m considering doing one just Slytherin based next time. πŸ™‚ If you liked that necklace be sure to check out this other one that I made. Do you have any other DIY’s that you want me to try out? Please leave them in the comments below! They don’t just have to be Harry Potter either, I would love to try out some craft projects in other fandoms.


Welcome to my little piece of the internet, here it is cool to be a nerd! I am a Whovian, Potterhead, Disney Nerd, Sherlockian, and Superhero nerd (just to name a few ;) ) So welcome to where being a nerd is cool!

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