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Wanna show your Hogwarts house pride, but don’t feel like pulling out your Hogwarts house robes? Then make your very own Hogwarts house headband! These headbands are a perfect way to discreetly show off your house pride and are super cheap to make! I looked online and it costs about $10.00 to get a Hogwarts house headband on line. I made three for about that price!!

DIY-Hogwarts house headbands


  • Hogwarts house tie (I bought mine on the Wish app shipping was about 2 bucks each)
  • Headbands (I got mine from Walmart in a pack of three for about 4 bucks)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Iron (not pictured)
Step 1

Cut open the back of the tie and open it up, this will give you a TON more fabric to work with! Iron the tie so it lies flat. The best way to do this is to soak the tie then iron it.

Step 2

Place a line of hot glue on the underside of one side of your headband. Attach the tie to the glue. I did this in small sections to give me more control over the fabric. DO NOT put any glue on the top of the headband. I tried this and it just makes the headband look bumpy and funny looking.

Step 3

Smooth the fabric over the top of the headband, fold the fabric underneath, then start hot gluing the fabric down on the other side. I had to pull the fabric a little bit to get it to lay flat.


Step 4

Cut off any of the excess fabric.

Step 5

Trim the ends of the fabric and hot glue it to the end of the headband.

Step 6





If you want to add some cushioning on the inside of the headband to make it more comfortable you can hot glue a line of velvet ribbon likeΒ in this post.

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PS-My Hufflepuff tie was blue and yellow. So as soon as I get one that’s black and yellow I’m planning on making a Hufflepuff headband too!


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