How to make a SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt!

DIYHarry Potter

I like making things, I tend to do it quite a lot. I especially like making things that I can wear! Add in the fact that it is a nerd related wearable item and I am sold!! I thought that I would share with you how to make this SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt! The best part is that you can use this technique to make a shirt for any fandom that you are a part of!

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

DIY Harry Potter shirt


Super easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Product used:

Green T shirt (I got this at Walmart for 2.87, I used green because I am in Slytherin house. )

Freezer paper

Spray bottle with bleach


Exacto knife


Piece of cardboard

Print out of the symbol you want on your shirt

Making the shirt

First, tear of a piece of freezer paper the size of your print out. Freezer paper has a shiny side and a matte side. Make sure to put the shiny side down.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Second, tape the print out onto the freezer paper.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Third, cut the excess edges of the freezer paper. This step isn’t really necessary, but I find it easier to maneuver the project with less bulk.

SUPERR easy DIY Harry Potter Shirt

Fourth, place the project on the spare piece of cardboard.

Fifth, use the Exacto knife to cut out the white space of the picture. Start with the inner circle, and make sure that your cuts go all the way through both papers. I found it easiest to flip the project over and cut from the back side if my cuts didn’t go all the way through.

Be careful

When using an exacto knife make sure to be careful not to cut yourself.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Sixth, once all the inner white space is cut out then use your scissors to cut the outer edge of the stencil.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Seventh, place the stencil on the middle of your shirt shiny side down.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Eighth, iron the stencil onto the shirt.Β The heat of the iron will make the stencil adhere to the shirt.

Be careful

Go slowly or you can fold the stencil and create funny lines.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Ninth, place your spare cardboard pieces inside your shirt. I ended up needing two pieces to cover all the inside of the shirt.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Tenth, smooth out the shirt. I ended up folding some of the edges under the cardboard.

Eleventh, spray the shirt with bleach. The trick with this part is to NOT over spray the shirt. Spray a little bit and come back to the shirt later. It can take a while for the bleach spots to show up. If you feel like the you need more bleach spots spray the shirt some more.

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

Twelfth, once the bleach has dried remove the stencil by peeling it off the shirt, and you’re done!!

Finished product

SUPER easy DIY Harry Potter shirt

What do you think? I love it! Super cheap and super easy to make! I even have used this technique to make myself a Mockingjay shirt.

Mockingjay shirt

If you do end up making your own shirt I’d love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram and Twitter or post a picture in the comments below!

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