DIY-Disney art for $2.00!!!


That’s right, I said 2 bucks!! Thank you dollar store for once again coming through for me! I love shopping at the dollar store, I always find the best stuff there! This really is such an easy DIY and it was so quick and easy to make! Here is my DIY-Disney art for $2.00!

DIY-Disney art for $2.00!

Supplies needed

-Glue, I used rubber cement that I had on hand. But any glue you have will work.


-Dollar store Disney puzzle, I got this for Christmas but they always have Disney puzzles. ($1.00)

-Cardboard/foam board/poster board, I got this the foam board ages ago from the dollar store. ($1.00)


Complete the outside of the puzzle so you know how big it will be.


Take apart one side of the puzzle, put glue on the back, and glue it to the cardboard.


Glue the rest of the outside of the puzzle to the board. Once you know where the puzzle pieces are going to go you can place the glue directly onto the board instead of the puzzle pieces. I’ve found that this makes the DIY faster.


Glue the remaining puzzles pieces onto the board. I’ve found it’s best to start from the outside and work your way inward.

DIY-Disney art for $2


Clean up any excess glue. If you use Elmers glue you might have to do this as you go. This is why I chose to use rubber cement because you can just run your fingers back and forth on the glue until it comes up. πŸ™‚ And you can even do this once the glue has dried and it will still come off.


Cut off the excess cardboard.

Now you’re ready to hang it on the wall! Because it’s not very heavy I used poster tack to put it on the wall in my Disney section and it stays just great!


DIY-Disney art for $2.00

So what do you think? Super easy and adds aΒ fun little bit of Disney to any room!

Come to the Nerd Side,


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