Disney Descendants 2 Review- Is this something you should see??


Last week on Friday I drove down to visit my sister so we see Disney’s Descendants 2 together. She has Disney channel and I don’t. 😉 My sister and I LOVED the first one and sang the songs for days! We got together with a bunch of people and made a girls night out of it. So what did I think of the movie? Is it something that I would recommend for you to take the time to see? Keep reading to find out my thoughts!

Descendants 2

Disney Descendants 2 Review

Things that I liked:


The choreography in this movie was amazing!! I thought choreography was better in this movie than in the first one! They really stepped it up this time. And I felt like their were a lot more dance numbers than there were in the first movie, which I really liked. This clip was the first opening song and has parts of the opening scene in it. (Any time Mal has curly hair that was the opening dance number. )



This movie did not disappoint in the costume department. There are so many amazing ones! I really want to make some of the costumes for future Comic Cons. 😉

-Additional characters

I really like the additional characters that make an appearance in this movie. You get to meet Hook’s son, Gaston’s son, Drisela’s daughter, and of course, Ursala’s daughter. I like that this movie was just about the characters that were introduced in the first film. It added more to the story, and broadened the scope of the Isle of the Lost world.


This was my favorite part of the movie! The music was fantastic!! I now own the soundtrack and the writers of the songs are truly genius! My favorite song is Space Between. It is so beautiful!! The meaning of this song really struck a chord with me, that no matter what changes come in your life the people that you love are going to be there for you.

Things that I didn’t like:


Sometimes the CGI got to be a little obvious, I’m just referring to one scene in particular. It detracted from the magic of the movie. I like when CGI isn’t obvious so that you get sucked into what you are watching. Rather than be obviously reminded that it is fake. It is toward the end of the movie, and that is all that in regards to the scene. I try not to give spoilers! 😀

Final thoughts:

I REALLY like this movie and can’t wait for it to come out on DVD, because you can BET that I will be buying it! By the way, it comes out on DVD on August 15 here in the US. 🙂 So I just have to be patient until then, and we all know patience is NOT my strong suit. I would really recommend this film if you are looking for a cute movie with awesome music!

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