Top 5 celebrity panels at SLC Comic Con

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My sisters and I love going to SLC Comic Con! I always have a really great time, and one of my favorite things to do is to go to the celebrity panels! Because this way, even if you can’t pay to get a photo op with ALL of your favorite celebrities at least you’ll be able to see them and hear their stories. 🙂 A word of advice if you are planning on attending panels, get the SLC Comic Con app that will tell you the most up to date schedule on panels. Here is a list of my top five celebrity panels!

Top 5 celebrity panels at SLC Comic Con

Jason Isaacs

I LOVED this panel! Jason Isaacs didn’t have a moderator for his panel at FanX 2016. It was just fans asking questions and Jason telling stories. I especially liked how at the beginning of his panel he moved all around the stage so that people could take pictures. Then he made everyone put away their phones! He wouldn’t start his panel until all the phones were down.

“How is me standing over here any different than over there?” (or something like that 🙂 )

I really liked it because I felt like I was more focused on what he had to say. I’ve never realized how distracting it is trying to take the perfect photo! Jason Isaacs said that celebrities are normal people, that he goes to the store to get his groceries just like everyone else and I really like that little reminder. 🙂 He was so humble and kind to everyone!

Top 5 celebrity panels

Billy Boyd

I love this man, he was so hysterical and so kind to everyone! He would talk about the most random stuff, for example, he talked about his belly buttons birthday, and he made it seem so funny! He went over to the edge of the stage and laid down on his stomach to talk to someone. But I especially loved when he pulled out his guitar and started singing!! Billy sang a Brittney Spears song at SLC Comic Con 2016! And called Dom on the phone and started asking about hobbit’s dental hygiene.

John Barrowman

If you ever get the chance to see a John Barrowman panel, take it!! He came to Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 and it was amazing!! This man is so hysterically funny and you can’t help but be happier when you are around him. He was prancing about the stage, telling stories, and just all around being amazing!! I especially loved it when he started singing. 🙂 John has the most amazing voice! I’m so excited that he is coming back and I can’t wait to see him at Salt Lake Comic Con 2017!!!!!!!

Slyvestor McCoy

This panel gave me an experience that I will NEVER forget!! At FanX 2016 when Slyvestor McCoy’s name was announced for the panel to begin, instead of walking out on stage. He stood up in the audience and started walking around! I’ve never seen that happen before or since. I loved it when he would walk right up to the person asking the question, even if he had to walk down a row to get to them. I asked a question and he did that for me. 😀 Then he pulled out a set of spoons from what looked like a little violin case and started walking around playing the spoons! It was awesome!!

Top 5 celebrity panels
This was when he up to me so I could ask a question. 🙂
Stan Lee

This one was a pretty memorable panel. It was at FanX 2017 and Stan Lee couldn’t make it (he didn’t get the ok to fly from his doctors) but Stan Lee asked if he could Skype in!! It was amazing and I was crying when he came on screen. Yes, I am THAT much of a nerd!! The panel was only 30 minutes, and you could tell he wasn’t feeling well. But I was amazed that he would still try to do what he could to be a part of Salt Lake Comic Con!!

Top 5 celebrity panels



What have your favorite celebrity panels been? Are any of mine the same as your favorites?

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