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Four times I lost my cool and fangirled! The last one was embarrassing…

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I have had an occasion to meet a couple of celebrities, thank you Salt Lake Comic Con! And I have have definitely fangirled when meeting some of them. Usually I’m pretty good at keeping it together when I actually meet the celebrity, USUALLY being the key word. It’s when I am walking away that I geek out. Check out these four times I totally fangirled.

Four times I totally fangirled

Tom Felton

Tom Felton was the second celebrity that I had met, the first being Karen Gillian.  I was standing in his autograph line for a about four hours and as we were snaking our way to the autograph table I started freaking out. Usually, I can contain myself when I am actually meeting a celebrity. However, I geek out when I am about to meet them or after I have just met them. I was dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange in her prison costume, which he commented on. 🙂 As I was walking away I got really excited and almost started hyperventilating. My sister, who was in the the autograph line with me, told me if I passed out she was going to leave me there. 🙂 Keep reading

Favorite things I’ve bought at conventions! And for relatively cheap too!!

Comic ConFanX

Guys, their is only a little over eight weeks left until FanX 2017 at Salt Lake City! Here is a list of some of my favorite things that I’ve bought at cons in Salt Lake. I thought this would give you an idea of what to look forward to!

Favorite things I’ve bought at cons

Favorite things I've bought at a con

Doctor Who word art

I love that I can find some of my favorite Doctor Who quotes in this picture! The top of the TARDIS says “Bow ties are cool.” I bought this at the first con that I went to, which was FanX 2015. This cost picture cost me $20.00. I also have a Doctor Who Rose and 10, a golden snitch picture, and a Hunger Games symbol picture that I got at a different time. The seller was offering a “buy two, get one free” deal. I made sure to take advantage of that! Keep reading

Mark Hamill at Salt Lake Comic Con!

Comic ConStar Wars

One of the major events that went down at this past Salt Lake Comic Con is that Mark Hamill was one of the celebrity guests!!! This was a huge deal because it was the only convention in the continental United States that Mark Hamill was scheduled to come to! And you can BET that I was planning on going to his panel!

SLCC wanted to break the record for the largest audience that Mark had spoken in front of. And because the Ballroom (the largest panel room) in the Salt Palace only seats 5,500 people that wasn’t an option. So his panel was moved to the Vivant Arena, and boy was I glad that it was! Because the general public could go to see Mark Hamill’s panel. The panel wasn’t just open to people with a Comic Con ticket.  I was really impressed by how Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg try really hard to make it so that everyone can experience the awesome nerdy-ness!

Mark Hamill


Because I am a huge Star Wars fan to actually get a chance to see Luke Skywalker in person was amazing! I have three older brothers and grew up watching Star Wars. My brothers had those plastic light-up light sabers that I was always so jealous because I didn’t get to play with them! When Mark Hamill first walked in I started tearing up, because I am a nerd! And I am proud of it!

During the panel Mark Hamill took questions and told stories. I liked the story of what his reaction was when he found out Princess Leia is Luke Skywalker’s sister. He said something along the lines that it was traumatic. That it was like being around the one available girl in the whole world and finding out she is your sister. 😀 I died laughing!!


(The above photo is from

Mark told the story of when he was approached with being in the recent movies. It was at a dinner with George Lucas and Carrie Fisher. Mark Hamill told the story about how Carrie Fisher jumped at the chance to be in the movies. Mark Hamill agreed to do the film if everyone agreed to do the film. He was banking on Harrison Ford declining the role. It was only after Mark said this that he was told that Harrison Ford had already agreed! 🙂 Mark said it was a little like being drafted.

In conclusion, I am so glad that I was able to attend this panel, it truly was an experience I will always remember!!



Stephen Amell and David Ramsey come to SLC

Comic Con

So for me there were a couple really memorable panels at Comic Con; Stephen Amell and David Ramsey, Mark Hamill, and Billy Boyd’s panel. I want to share my experience attending the Stephen Amell and David Ramsey panel. The other ones will be coming in later blog posts, don’t you worry. 😉

Stephen Amell and David Ramsey

One of the reasons that this panel was so memorable is because of how the celebrities interacted with the fans. I liked how they focused on the person asking the question. Their was one question that was asked of Amell wondering if it would be possible to have hot pink t-shirts for his “F** Cancer” campaign, because hot pink symbolizes all the young women who get breast cancer. He told us that the next time he posts about the t-shirts for the campaign on his Facebook page to comment with “hot pink”, then he said something along the lines of “then even someone like me will remember”. I was really impressed!

Stephen Amell and David Ramsey at SLComic Con
The second reason that this panel was memorable was for the information that I don’t think they were supposed to share. “I really miss John (Barrowman),” Stephen Amell. “I really miss him too,” David Ramsey. Then once they realize what they said Stephen proceeds to start heading off stage. What happens to John’s character?!?!

The third thing that was extremely memorable was when Stephen Amell announced that he’s going to do American Ninja Warrior in 2017!!!!!!! An attendee asked a question about when he was planning on doing it. Stephen said that the desire to do the show has only gotten worse, as in it hasn’t gone away. Then their was a long drawn out pause, I thought that he was done answering the question.  Then he said in 2017! He said that he said he hadn’t even talked to his producers and that he was streaming this to his Facebook page so no he has to do it. As you can imagine the audience went NUTS!! Myself included. 🙂

I am so grateful I was able to attend this panel and I’m so grateful to Bryan Brandenburg and Dan Farr for getting these two amazing people to Salt Late!!

PS- Check out David’s arms!!

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016!!

Comic Con

So I (of course) went to Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016! I went with my two sisters and we had a super amazing time! Was it perfect?…  no. Was it still awesome?…. HECK YES!!!!! Here are some pictures to give you some idea of how much fun we had!

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

We found the concubines from Mulan!! They were so fantastic and nice to us! I like how I match the one I’m with. 😉

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

Doctor Strange and Moaning Myrtle…. not a combination I thought I’d ever see… Didn’t my friend do an awesome job on his costume!!

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016

I got a photo and an autograph with Evanna Lynch!! She was so sweet and even remembered us when we had our photo from the autograph line earlier that day!

One day I will be a Companion!

Elizabeth Bennet (from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) and assassin, and Moaning Myrtle.

I love my sisters!

We are such nerds…. And I love it!!

Moaning Myrtle on the Throne??

Amy and Rose

Literally when I said “Hey Jack! Can I get a picture?”His response was,”Their should be a Captain in there somewhere”. 😀

Two Waldos!!

Celebrity Photo Ops

Arthur Darvill– Rory Pond from Doctor Who, and Rip Hunter from Legends of Tomorrow

Katie Cassidy- Laurel Lance/Black Canary

Henry Winkler-the FONZ! “Do NOT snap at women! That only works on TV!”

Evanna Lynch- Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. “Let’s spread the Lovegood-ness around.”

Billy Boyd- Pippin from Lord of the Rings. We brought him “Second breakfast”!! 😀

This is just a little bit of the awesome-ness that went down at Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016, and I didn’t even mention Mark Hamill and Stephen Amell! 😉 I will talk about some of my favorite moments in some later posts. I also took a TON of pictures but I figured that this post is long enough as it is. 😉

Putting together a costume for Comic Con

Comic Con

I have been called the “MacGyver of Costumes” so I thought I’d give a couple tips on throwing together a costume for Comic Con. I’ve made quite a few costumes and have helped people make them so hopefully this will be helpful. With that being said I am not a professional in anyway, shape, or form. And yes, you can throw together a costume with only a week left until Comic Con. 🙂

 Costume for Comic Con

First of all, try to make a costume for Comic Con with separates that you will actually wear again. I’ve found that this is the most cost effective thing that you can do. Who wants to spend a ton of money on an outfit that you will only wear once? Not me!

Costumes I’ve made

Costume for Comic Con

Superman-shirt has a removable cape, blue legging, and red shorts. All of which came from Walmart, and all of which I have worn multiple times!

Costume for Comic Con

Waldo-Skinny jeans and sneakers are from Walmart. The white striped shirt and “nerd” glasses are from Amazon. And I made the hat. I had people saying to be all day “I found Waldo!” Even random people in cars driving around Salt Lake. 😀

Costume for Comic Con

Amy Pond– Skinny jeans and tennis shoes are from Walmart. And the wig and red flannel shirt are from Amazon.

Another tip is to think outside the box. The costume that I got the most comments and requests for pictures on I was wearing sweats! Not only did the costume look cool but I was super comfy to!

Costume for Comic Con

Bellatrix Lestrange– Sweats are from Walmart. The gray and black striped shirt is from a thrift store. Prison card is made of cardboard and yarn. And the tattoo… that’s Crayola marker. 🙂

Another idea is if you are handy with a sewing machine sew something. Then you will have the only costume at the Con that will look like that! You would be surprised what you can find instructions for online to make, whether it be a full costume or an accessory.

Costumes for Comic Con

Soothsayer from Doctor Who- I made the dress from scratch. And the necklace I made as well. The shoes I borrowed from my sister.

See you at Comic Con!

In conclusion, hopefully this has helped you to get some ideas about possible costumes of your own. And if you see me looking like Where’s Waldo and Amy Pond from above feel free to come and say “Hi!” Then it really will be like Where’s Waldo! 😉 I also will be doing Moaning Myrtle one day but that costume has a few more tweaks that need to be done on it. 🙂

Celebrities are people too!

Comic Con

This is my first ever requested post! Which is pretty exciting to me because that means people are reading my blog! 😀 I’ve seen things in the media about celebrities not being treated with respect and courtesy. I wanted to share my thoughts that celebrities are people too! And give some serious props to SLC Comic Con attendees!

Celebrities are people too

They have lives and families just like us. Jason Isaacs said it best when he said, “I shop at the grocery store just like you”. With that being said sometimes things come up and they have to cancel. Which is extremely disheartening especially if you had been planning on them and have even bought a photo op with them. This happened to me with Alex Kingston one time. Things can come up and they can’t come, unfortunately sometimes life works out that way. But we can choose to remain hopeful that they will come eventually. Alex came this last con and I was able to get a picture with her then!

Props to SLC Comic Con attendees

And I would like to give serious props to our con go-ers on how we treat the celebrities that come to Salt Lake. We treat our celebrities really well and make sure to show respect and kindness to them!

Stan Lee said about SL Comic Con “You people have the greatest comic con in the world”! And Chris Evans posted on Twitter “Wow….I’ve had the most amazing time at #SLCC15. I’ve been to a few conventions before but I’ve never had the opportunity to interact with the fans on such a personal level. They shared some wonderful stories that I was honored to hear. I’m filled with a overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thank you to all of my loyal, sincere, loving, and passionate fans from the very bottom of my heart. You’ve reminded me how gratuitously lucky I am. #weareallconnected “. Another celebrity, Tom Felton, did a documentary about conventions, he asked in his panel “Why didn’t I come to Salt Lake for the movie? Next time…”

We are obviously doing something right and I just say let’s keep it up so we can keep drawing in amazing celebrities! We ROCK!!

PS- I went to Universal Studios in California and was able to go to the Wizarding World!! I know what my next post will be about!!

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