5 Things I wish I’d have known before my first con

Comic Con

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is making its annual appearance this year on June 23-25, 2017.  And vegas.com got me thinking, what do I wish I had known before my first con??? Huzzah! A new blog post idea! For those of you attending the convention (jealous!!!) here are some Las Vegas vacation package deals that may make planning your trip SOO much easier. That is NOT an affiliate link, I get nothing out of it. 🙂 Hopefully this post will help you as you prepare to have an awesome time at the convention!

5 things I wish I’d have known before my first con

5 things I wish I'd known before my first con
First convention

1-Bring cash

I have talked about this in a previous post, bring cash to the convention! Cash is the fastest way to pay for stuff. Plus, once you’ve used all your cash you know to stop. Or else, knowing me, I would rack up a TON of credit card debit buying all the cool stuff!

2-Read the rules-

Read the rules/guidelines about what is/isn’t allowed at the convention. You don’t want to end up breaking a rule and being asked to vacate the premises. Especially after you put so much time and money into attending the event. This is also important if you are planning on bring any weapons as props,. It’s best to find out before you get to the event if your cool sword that you spent hours making for your Link costume is even going to be allowed!


Wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you will very likely be standing around in a line at some point in the day. And I’ve found this is always best to do when comfortable, I tend to be less crabby, 😉 At my first con I ended up waiting in line to get Tom Felton’s autograph for a total of FOUR HOURS! Thankfully, that was the day that I was in my most comfortable costume.

5 things I wish I'd known before my first con
Bellatrix Lestrange
4-Trial run-

For those of you that are going to do costumes, which I am a BIG FAN of, do a trial run of your costume including any makeup. There is nothing worse than planning an amazing costume and realizing thirty minutes before the con that something is wrong. Because then you have to scramble to fix it! Not fun! Make sure to practice being able to move and sit down while wearing the costume. Plus, if you do a trial run you can take some fun pictures before the con.

5 things I wish I'd known before my first con
Moaning Myrtle
5 things I wish I'd known before my first con
Where’s Waldo
5 things I wish I'd known before my first con
It was a very Doctor Who year 😉
5-Enjoy yourself-

When I attended my first con I was so focused on making sure that I didn’t miss anything that I ended up missing the most important thing! I missed out enjoy myself to fulle-st. Sure, I had fun. But I was so focused on the next thing on my “to do and see” list I ended up missing out on stuff. So just relax, breathe, and enjoy yourself!


I hope that this helps some of you who are going to your first con! And maybe this will help some of you veteran convention go-ers! If you have any questions for me leave them in the comments below.

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PS-Share this post with anyone you know who is going to their first convention! I would have loved to have seen a post like this before my first con. 😀


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  • Great list! A trial run is something I forgot about the first time I attended in a costume. It wasn’t an overly complicated one, but it did make me realize how much our clothes can make us comfortable or uncomfortable going to big events.

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